Why is PGP Important for You

Bill Leksen and Laszlo Gabris, <laszlo@huntrans124.com>


 I assume that most of you have signed non-disclosure agreements with your direct or agency clients at one time or another. What happens when your client learns that you are the person who placed their commercial/business secrets in harm's way by storing files in the cloud or by sending them in the clear and that their confidential information is not quite as secure as you wanted them to believe? Will you have to spend the rest of your life in the limbo of Moscow Airport's transit area to avoid your client's lawyers? Clearly your documents *MUST* be encrypted.

 The bottom line is that you should use strong encryption that can not be cracked by third parties. So far, only PGP (Phil Zimmerman's Pretty Good Privacy software) can do this. This is why so many users—the universities of Sweden among them—have adopted PGP. It's simple and easy to use, free for private users and licensable for business organizations.

 To summarize: Documents should be sent encrypted. PGP is the only real chance for translators everywhere to send and receive encrypted documents. Use it.


 Here is a copy of PGP 658 you can install and run on computers with Win 7 or earlier. You may also be able to run it on Win 8.