1 April 2006
Will computer-assisted translation soon be a thing of the past?

Latest development in the translation world…

Hand-Assisted Translation (HAT): the definitive solution to all your computer-assisted translation woes.

No more fretting over steep software learning curves, frequent updates, bug-ridden patches, conflicting applications and operating system quirks: just throw your PC out of the window and invest in a breakthrough low-tech hand-assisted translation tool.

The tool consists of three easily replaceable, fully compatible components:
  1. An ergonomic hand-held data input device, known as an AWTF (Avian Wing or Tail Feather).
    Font sizes and types can be varied on the fly literally at the flick of a wrist.
  2. A hard-wearing data storage medium, called an SGSWS (Sheep or Goat Skin Writing Surface).
    No more data loss due to hard disk failure. No more time wasted making endless backup copies.
  3. A low-tech data transfer protocol (ltdtp://), referred to as CFWP (Coloured Fluid for Writing Purposes), available in dozens of exciting shades.
Environmentally friendly: all parts are fully biodegradable, including the user!

Optional work delivery peripheral also available…

No more virus-infested security-flawed email attachments. Simply roll up the SGSWS data storage medium and dispatch with a trusty low-tech data transmission device known as an SHHQ (solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped). Guaranteed to reach neighbouring shires in just a few days, and all parts of the Old and New Worlds in a matter of months.

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